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    You want logo design?

If you don't have a company logo, we can design it for you.

    You want multilingual content;

Choose if you want your website's content in more than one language.

    You want to manage a section for your company news?;

Choose if you like to manage posts about your company new. Through control panel you can wtite posts with images etc. No special coding knowledge required.

    You want users registration?

Choose if you want your visitors to register to your website. Then you can manage them through the control panel.

    You want live chat for your visitors?

Choose if you want to enable a "Live Chat" for your visitors. You can answer questions immediately or you can tease them so you can start a chat with them.

    You want photo album?

Choose if you want a photo album for your website. It could be used for the presentation of products or for portfolios or even for a presentation of your company.

    You want video album?

Choose if you like to have a video album in your website. If you have videos about your products or services you can present them in a grid design, so the user will find easily what to watch.

    You want a custom contact form?

Choose if you like to have a contact form from where the user can send you a message directly from your website. The form fields can be customized depending from the info you want to gather from your visitors.

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